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Using the traditional scythe - A plea for the clittering crickets!


The permanent grass mowing sound is annoying you?

Grab a good old scythe! A scythe is more modern than ever, it doesn’t produce any noise, emits no CO2 and spares the creatures in the grassland. And it keeps you fit!

Every gardener can leave at least a peace of vital grassland in some areas of his garden – and cut these once or twice a year by hand.
By doing so, he performs an active contribution to the protection of nature, is granting silence for himself and the environment, the neighbourhood can watch jealously, field flowers and small animals can stay in their habitat.

We are guiding you in the old school craftsmanship of scythe–mowing in different types of grassland in plain and hillside landscapes. We show you how to use the grindstone (not thinning!) and provide a lot of ecologic background knowledge in the breathers.


Members of group: 1 person (intensive beginners course)

Suitable for: interested persons who have never used a scythe
Duration: halfday, appr. 4 h (until you get used to your new tool)
Meeting point: on agreement
Price: €100.-
Please book 2 days ahead via e-mail or by phone

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