Partners of buero SCHUPPENWURZ
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Partners of buero SCHUPPENWURZ

GutsAlm Harlachberg
The „GutsAlm Harlachberg” is a hideaway with a villagelike character for guests looking for simplicity and originality in a true standalone location.
Perfectly suitable for seminars and congresses, you will find here soothing silence and pristine romance alike.

Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle
The “Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle“  is ideal for your combination of meeting and outdoor-happening. Right at the river, this is the starting point for your pioneering event.

Bergdorf Sterr & Burghotel Sterr
In this little and very fine wellness hotel you may find  – next to exclusive applications in a unique location – the base for your sustainable success in business.

Marion Kastl offers tours with her Llamas and Alpacas far away from the crowds and traffic noise. If you want to learn more about these exotic animals and their behavior, give it a go and accompany us on a hike through the diverse nature of the Bavarian Forest. Tours are also possible in winter.