Tour Guiding

Guiding Bavarian Forest

Tour Guiding Bavarian Forest

Explore the wilderness with your private guide

Experience the vitality and beauty of the developing wilderness and the unique nature forest along the former Iron Curtain. Find rest, breathe nature, learn to understand, find yourself a part of it – find yourself.

As your tour guides we don´t just bring you from A to B, we also show you the intermediates, the perspectives and little treasures along the way.

buero SCHUPPENWURZ brings you to the energetic places within the woody mountains of this natural gem in the core of Europe, the Bavarian Forest and the Bohemian Forest, to the real secrets far away from the touristy columns of ants. Lasting and exclusive.

We perform the competent tour guiding of your travel experience in the Bavarian Forest and Bavarian-Bohemian border mountain range – by land, by water and in the air, adjusted to seasonal conditions and your individual preferences. We shall be pleased to arrange an appropriate hotel-booking for you.

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