The Team

Our Team - Michael Fischl

Michael Fischl

Freelance trainer in youth and adult education
Experiential educator (also in intensive social case work)
Outdoor-trainer and Canoe&KayakGuide
Ropes course safety trainer – RCST
International TourGuide (USA & AUS)
Studies of information sciences and management
Licensed fisherman

A life without forest, mountain and river might be possible, yet senseless.

Michael FischL
Our Team - Sabine Macht

Sabine Macht

Natural scientist (biologist)
Freelance web designer and editor
Lecturer in adult education
Nature freak
Scythe mower
Dog´s tamer

You grow by not taking the easiest way.

Sabine Macht

For bigger events we are happy to dig in a big pool of freelance trainers, all of them with their individual strengths and competencies.